Net bindingsource not updating

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Net bindingsource not updating

The data is not updated correctly unless I manually in code re-assign the Scheduler Control's datasource to the updated Binding Source.

Hi Louis, I'm afraid I can't find an appropriate solution to your problem without additional information.

By default any binding for a Text Box is not updated until the field loses focus.

NETVisual Basic Tutorials Allow Numbers only in a Text Box - Visual Basic .

Typically you attach the Binding Source to a data source and then you bind controls to the Binding Source.

When the Binding Source changes its position in the data source, it automatically updates the bound controls. NETConditional and Logical Operators in Visual Basic .

If the statement does exist in memory, Oracle Database can reuse it and skip the task of parsing and optimizing the statement.

Using bind variables makes the statement reusable with different input values.

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