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Our management team comes from key players in the investment field.We proved to ourselves and to our customers that crisis was just a state of mind. We developed business and products that served our customers better than they were doing when we were part of big organizations.The fast increasing international demand for our services convinced us to open our gates globally. And yes, it is because of games that have been played with me. I actually like being in love, having the camaraderie & companionship, someone to enjoy going out, going to events, traveling the world with, sharing a future and life experiences with... But not just that..time, the effort, the sh*t tests, the drama... Quite simply, there are no positives that a woman could bring to my life that wouldn't be outweighed by negatives. and let's face it, more sex in the convenience of a solidified relationship (at least that's been my experience).

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However, it's your lifetime, so you can choose to spend your time how you want.