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In addition to solid inorganic and organic carbon samples, we are equipped to process DIC and DOC in water samples.

There is also a well equipped lab for the separation and collection of compounds for compound-specific radiocarbon analysis (CSRA).

Craig Connolly (University of Texas-Austin) is using the radiocarbon content of groundwater dissolved organic carbon (DO14C) and soil near the Alaskan Beaufort Sea coast.

He is examining groundwater runoff as a source of DOC to the Beaufort Sea now and its potential to increase as permafrost thaws.

As part of Elizabeth Williams' study of the transport of terrestrial carbon to the marine environment, Elizabeth extracted and determined the radiocarbon content of lignin from differentially treated terrestrial and marine sediment.

Ben Gaglioti (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) studied permafrost behavior during past warming events using ramped pyrolysis.

Branwen Williams (Ohio State University) measured radiocarbon in bamboo corals to study the western Pacific warm pool.

Hadley Mc Intosh (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) examined the radiocarbon ages of source specific fatty acid biomarkers, of terrestrial and aquatic origin, associated with particulate organic matter along the Delaware River and Bay estuarine gradient.

Sophie Hines (California Institute of Technology) studied the radiocarbon ages of different organic and inorganic components of deep sea corals in order to better understand the variable radiocarbon blanks in very old ( Nicole Khan (University of Pennsylvania) worked on chronologies of paleo-environmental and relative sea-level change in mangrove environments, using radiocarbon AMS analyses of sedimentary mangrove leaf, wood, bark and root fragments.

Brittany Kruger (University of Minnesota, Duluth) isolated fatty acids from sediment to study terrestrial and aquatic inputs to Lake Malawi.

Mara Dougherty isolated biomarkers for sulfate reducing bacteria isolated from Beaufort Sea sediments and measured their radiocarbon content.

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She will use the results to shed light on the anaerobic oxidation of CHBrett Walker (University of California) analyzed compound classes isolated from particulate matter collected in a nearshore upwelling environment. of Oceanography) analyzed lignin phenols standards to test a method he is developing to study the radiocarbon content of lignin in oceanic DOC.

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