Paz vega dating history

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Paz vega dating history

These municipalities are Artemisa, Cabañas, Candelaria, Consolación del Norte, Consolación del Sur, Guanajay, Guane, Los Palacios, Mantua, Mariel, Pinar del Río, San Cristóbal, San Juan y Martínez, San Luis, and Viñales.This province forms part of the geographic region called Occidente, which encompasses the Provinces of Pinar del Río, La Habana, Matanzas, and Las Villas.The three blue stripes are the symbols of the original three provinces.The triangle is a masonic symbol, here signifying liberty, equality and fraternity.On the 9th of June 1878, a judicial decree divided the Island of Cuba into six provinces, with the Vuelta Abajo area established as the Province of Pinar del Río.This province originally consisted of 25 municipalities, but they were reduced to 15 municipalities after the 1878 decree.

When Cuba became independent from Spain on May 20, 1902, Cespedes Flag was officially designated the flag of the city of his birth: Bayamo, Oriente, and the flag which Venezuelan-born, Cuban patriot, Narciso López flew in the city of Cárdenas on May 19, 1850, was officially designated the Cuban national flag.

In the division toward the left, there are pictures of mountains, rivers, the valley and most evident a Royal Palm Tree, the national tree of Cuba - graceful and elegant - representing the rich soil that Cuba has been blessed with.

The Province of Pinar del Río is located on the extreme western part of Cuba.

The Cuban Coat of Arms consists of three divisions, crowned by the Phrygian Cap (Gorro Frigio) or liberty cap that has a sole star, with the borders of the divisions surrounded by an oak branch on one side and a laurel wreath on the other.

The oak branch symbolizes the strength of the nation; and the laurel wreath: Honor and Glory.

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