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Paisley Penny Post: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971. 1: first stamps under Caroline Islands, 1901: regular mail service started by Jaluit Company, (see Pacific Mail Steamboats) 1914-45: Japanese stamps used, see Pacific Mail Steamboats. 10: became a federation as a Sovereign State in Compact of Free Association with the U. Palästina: (Ger., Swed.) Palestine Palestine: southeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea, currency: 10 milliemes = 1 piaster, 1,000 milliemes = 1 Egyptian pound, 1,000 mils = 1 Palestine pound (1928), 100 fils = 1 Jordanian dinar. (Egyptian Expeditionary Forces) issue for British military occupation of Palestine, stamps also valid in Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, parts of Cilicia, 1920, Sept. British stamps, 1923: mandated to Great Britain, first postage due stamp, 1922, July 22: Great Britain ran mandated area until May 14, 1948, 1927: first definitives, 1948, Dec. 24, 1950: Jordan occupation, overprint "Palestine" in English and Arabic on stamps of Jordan, 1948, May-June 6, 1967: Egyptian occupation, overprint "Palestine" on stamps of Egypt, 1948, May 14: British terminated the mandate, Jewish National Fund issued local provisional stamps, 1967, June 6: stamps of Israel. Parcel cards: postal patrons filled out the parcel card at the sending post office; one section retained by the post office, other section delivered to the recipient to pick up the parcel at the post office. Okupace pákistánsky: (Czech.) Pakistani occupation. Países bajos: (Sp.) lower countries, Netherlands, Holland. carried mail to and from the island, 1947: part of the U. Trust Territory of the Pacific, 1983, Mar.10: No.1, 20¢ multicolor, first stamp, 1984, June 12: first air mail issue, 1986, Jan. Palencia: local post, Spanish Civil War, Republican, Nationalist, 1937. Parcel airlift (PAL): a service that provides air transportation for parcels on a space-available basis to or from military post offices outside the contiguous 48 states.Official stamp: valid only on official mail of a government agency, or their agents; may be called "service stamps;" when inscribed or overprinted for specific departments, they are known as department stamps. 22: British post offices closed, stamps of Greece overprinted "S. D." (Dodecanese Military Occupation), 1974-summer: stamps of Greece used. Patriotic cover: envelope decorated with pictures or slogans of a patriotic nature such as those used during wartime. Penaranda de Bracamonte: local post, Spanish Civil War, Nationalist, 1937.Officiel: 1: overprint on stamps of Luxembourg, Switzerland officials. S.: On His Brittanic Majesty's Service, Great Britain official overprint on German East Africa revenue stamps, 1915. Patricia Airways & Exploration Co.: local post, Canada 1926-28. Patriot Challenge: board game that uses 300 different U. Patriotic Fund: inscription on stamps of Queensland for semi-postal. Penarroya-Puebloneuvo: local post, Spanish Civil War, Nationalist, 1936-38.

Officiella Ã¥rsböcker: (Swed.) official yearbooks. Officiella maximikort: (Swed.) official maximum cards. Officiella minneshäften: (Swed.) official souvenir booklets. Officiella minneskort: (Swed.) official souvenir cards. Officiella utställningskort: (Swed.) official exhibition cards. Offisieel-Official: (Afrikaaans) official; South West Africa.Öffnungszeiten: (Ger.) times of being open (post office). Off sale: stamps still valid for postal use, but no longer on sale by the post office. Ogn: Oregon, pre-adhesive postmark OH: USPS abbreviation for Ohio O. Pen cancel: usage of a pen or felt tip marker to cancel or deface a stamp Pen cancellation: cancellation marking on a stamp that has been appliedwith a pen and ink, usually done by a carrier prior to delivery of mail that has not been previously canceled.; 1847 regulations state, "the stamps must be canceled by making a cross (X) with a pen."Pence: currency unit in many countries.Official reprint: stamps reprinted at a later date by the original issuing entity from the original plates. S.: On His Exalted Majesty's Service, overprint on stamps of Egypt for official use, 1922-23. 31: convention states' stamps no longer valid, 1951, Jan.1: overprint on stamps of British India for use to any point in British India. Penalty For Private Use 0: government business mail, to be sent by government officials without postage prepayment; see Penalty Envelope. Malaysia, 1948, Dec.1: No.1, 10¢ purple, "Malaya Penang" inscription, 1965, Nov.Official seal: a label, in stamp form, issued by the Post Office to seal mail and parcel post that has opened in transit or that may have been opened for postal inspection of contents. Patmo(s): Dodecanese island, Aegean Sea 1912-pre: used stamps of Turkey, 1912: No.1, 2 centesimi orange brown, overprint "Patmos " on stamps of Italy, 1916: first stamps without overprints, 1920: Turkey ceded group to Italy, 1922: overprint changed to "Patmo," 1943, Sep.: became part of Greece, 1943: reoccupied by German forces, 1945: liberated by Allied forces, 1945, June 18: stamps of Britain overprinted "M. F." (Middle East Forces), when islands transferred to Greece, 1947, Mar. Penang: island off west side of Malay Peninsula; Malaya; 1854-67: stamps of India used, 1867: stamps of Straits Settlements used, 1942: issued under Japanese occupation; "Dai Nippon 2602 Penang" (Japanese Postal Service 1942) and Japanese characters in oval circle, 1945: stamps of B. 15: used designs of Johore, inscribed Pulau Pinang, on stamps of Malaya; see Pulau Pinang.Oceania: 1915: first semi-postal stamp, 1926: first postage due stamp, 1934: first air mail stamp. Open Mail: mail sent from one country's exchange office to another country's exchange office, sorted and marked at each office; rate differences ceased when prepaid international rate went into effect July 1, 1875. Panama: links North and Central America to South America; currency: 100 centavos = 1 peso, 100 centesimos = 1 balboa (1904) 1859-1903: former Department of Republic of Colombia, 1863-84: British stamps used on overseas mail from Panama City, 1870-81: British stamps used on overseas mail from Colon, 1878: No.1, 5 centavos gray green, first issues for Panama along with those of "Estados Unidos de Colombia," 1887: Colombia issues for use in the Department of Panama, 1903, Nov. 16: first stamp issue, "Republica de Panama" provisionals issued in Colon, Bocas del Toro and Panama City, 1904, June 11: Canal Zone had its own stamps, joined the U. 8: first air mail stamp, special delivery issue overprinted "Correo Aereo," 1941: first semipostal stamp; see A. Pantone Color System: a standardized system of blended colors, each with their own Pantone Matching System (PMS) number. Papir, Gennemfarvet: (Dan.) paper colored throughout. Part original gum: a stamp with noticeable gum missing. PE: 1: abbreviation of piastre, early Egypt currency. Pearls: a circle, with or without semi-circular shading inside. Peelable label: an address label that can be removed from a cover. Pegau: city in Germany, local post, Courier, 1893Pego: local post, Spanish Civil War, Republican,1937. Hardie, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer.Oceletisk z plochych desek kombinovany s knihtiskem: (Czech.) line engraving - flat plates in combination with typography. Offices Abroad, Turkey: First closure was at the end of Sept. Okupace australsky: (Czech.) Australian occupation. Pandemonia: spoof stamps created for 1936 stamp exhibition. Papir, Fosforiserende: (Dan., Nor.) phosphorescent paper. Part perforated: a stamp that is not perforated on any one or more of the sides; these stamps usually come from sheets where some of the perforating lines have been omitted. Pear's Soap: first advertisement on stamps by Great Britain in 1881. Pei-Mu-Chen: local post, Southwest China, 1950Peking: (Beijing) District, now named Beijing; 1917, Sep.-Dec.

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2: inscription on stamps of Mexico for State of Oaxaca revenue issue during civil war, 1913-16, printed on back of post office receipt forms. Butler, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer. B.: Official Business overprint on stamps of the Philippines. 2: abstempelung (Ger.); Oblitération (Fr.); Annullamento (It.); Matasellado (Sp.). Oblitération rond avec date: (Fr.) circular date stamp. 1: No.1, 1 centime lilac-blue, first stamps, Obock overprint on back of French Colonial issue, postage due stamp, 1902: Obock and Somali Coast protectorate combined under name of French Somali Coast; name Somali Coast Protectorate adopted on stamps of Djibouti; see Afars and Issas, Benadir, Djibouti, Oltre Giuba, Italian East Africa, Italian Somaliland. Obvert: a picture or header on the stamp sheet that is on the opposite side than then usual or normal sheet. OC-CO: letters in the four corners of a San Marino essay, 1864, for M. Occupacion de Pascua: inscription on stamps of Chile for semi-postal for Easter Island. OD: 1: Scott Catalog number prefix for Official Department (Argentina). Oesterr Post Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein, Austrian Postal Administration, 1912-20. Oeuvres de Solidarite Fran'aise: French Colonies general issue. PÃ¥lydende V¦rdi: (Dan.) nominal value, face value. Par Exprès Dépêches: (Fr.) express mail, expedited delivery. Paris Postal Conference: forerunner: see General Postal Union, Universal Postal Union.

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