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So I re-registered with the same email, password and screen name as previously, re-took the tests, and created my profile all over again only to be deleted once more in less than an hour. Obviously, most people were simply just reviewing the people using the dating site which is, in my opinion, a mistake. I've already posted a review on POF once and I'll repeat my opinion: We are talking about a free to use dating site!There is no reason given and no way to contact them to ask why. You need to lower your expectations if you think that you will face the same quality as on Mingle2day or e Harmony.Another guy who's profile picture was so different from what he sent me on my phone and he didn't actually live in the state that he claimed got angry with me when I told him the his misrepresentation scared me and there was no way that I would want to meet him in person. She's alone and lonely and I'll NEVER convince her to do this--she's humiliated!!!

I never received such an email, even though my email address was valid and I had been receiving communication from this site (notifying me of new messages). Scary interactions - The guy who sent a picture with maybe 10 Rx bottles next to him and living in someone's basement. I've had more dates from WJF but I've been a member there for a lot longer so that figures. --just a skeleton kind of profile to get her started, her picture, and I told her she could write her own profile, whatever she wanted, at her leisure.Created a new profile after I blocked him and contacted me again. Anyway, im not saying youre guaranteed to find love but it's another option that might help. You get contacted by many thieves form Africa trying to lure you into some kind of scam. Never had so many issues with scammers on Mingle2day or be2 but just use your common sense and don't fall for them. Less than an hour later her profile was ENTIRELY DELETED! I thought it was some error so we created a new one, had to pick ANOTHER user name, used the same photo from her bday party, her and my brother but very clearly HER! She emailed them, got a generic reply that they "can't answer every email" and nothing since.I have a great job, own my home, stable children, a good home life, financially stable, friendly, and very active. Had to create another profile just to contact those I was communicating with. However, based on my experience, I have absolutely no confidence I will receive a response. I was super skeptical about Plenty Of Fish as id heard a few negative things so went in thinking id hate it but what d'ya know, it's not so bad!I don't frequent the bars or into any drugs use. 4 out of 4 of them when I asked for a recent picture the time span ranged from 3 months old to several years. With so may personal Web sites, and so many free personal Web sites (like POF), this lack of customer service is absolutely unacceptable. Took them up on a valentines offer and have stuck with it ever since.

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