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Presiditial candidate dating

“...being your candidate has been one of the greatest honors of my life,” she said.-- celebrated the president-elect in a speech that said Trump would lead a “unified Republican government.” He also attributed the Republican party’s sweeping success in down-ballot races to Mr. “Much of that is thanks to Donald Trump.” It was, he said, “the most incredible political feat I have seen in my lifetime.”Despite past bumps in their relationship, Ryan said he’s “excited” about their ability to work together in the future.--, according to two sources familiar with the planning.

At the center of discussion was the filing of top cabinet posts.

And unless he has a conversation with what I call the fact-based, inductive, world-as-it-is people and they have a meaningful dialogue, I fear he’s going to continue to act on this other set of beliefs and that’s going to be very bad for America and for the world.” Throughout the election season, Hayden was a frequent and outspoken critic of Trump.

The former NSA and CIA director was among 50 national security officials who signed a letter in September warning that Trump was a “risk” to the country’s national security.-- of weeping supporters and shocked campaign staffers, formally conceding to Trump.

The plan is to present Trump with top recommendations for cabinet secretaries.

The team is also prepared to vet any additional names Trump may mention for consideration.

Evan Mc Mullin is another independent candidate who could perform well in his home state of Utah..

ET CBS News projects that Trump wins Maine’s 2nd congressional district, which means he’s won one electoral vote so far in the state. a.m.Here are the rules governing some of those states: In New Hampshire, where the number of votes separating Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been as low as 34 votes at one point Tuesday night and remains locked at 47 percent each, the rules are fairly liberal.Any candidate can call for a recount if the margin is within 20 percent.“Any candidate for whom a vote was cast for any office at a state general election may apply for a recount, provided that the difference between the votes cast for the applying candidate and a candidate declared elected is less than 20 percent of the total votes cast in the towns which comprise the office to be recounted,” according to New Hampshire election law.Despite the undesired outcome, Clinton urged Americans to approach the Trump administration with “an open mind and a chance to lead.” She offered to work with Trump on behalf of the country, but also admitted that the sting of this loss will painful for quite some time.Clinton expressed great gratitude to family members, staffers, Americans, and the first family for their relentless support. We won more seats than many people expected,” Ryan said.

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ET Speaker Paul Ryan’s spokesman Zack Roday said Ryan called Trump and Pence.“Speaker Ryan called Donald Trump earlier this evening, and the two had a very good conversation.