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Propinquity in dating

After all, our connections to other people, and specifically our meaningful relationships with them, are crucial to our wellbeing and happiness because they are a part of who we are.

Social psychologists study our close relationships for this reason, from the amity formed when two people meet for the first time, to the deep love that develops in romantic relationships.

Close relationships are a huge topic of study for social psychologists. We discuss the mere exposure effect and the propinquity effect and how both impact our liking and affection for other people.

How do we meet the people who become our friends and lovers? In our waking hours, the majority of us spend an extraordinary amount of time interacting with other people, in one way or another.

Even if it’s a midnight run to 7-11, I should still go looking my best, and not sporting say, a stained undershirt and lounge pants like I used to.

Or like I’ve seen some guys do, go out wearing SLIPPERS.

One question that they have sought an answer to for decades is what creates our liking for other people.

In other words, why are we attracted to certain people?

Although we like our familiar mirror image more, the opposite is true of our friends.

*face palm* Although when I see that, I wonder if the competition isn’t nearly as bad as I think it is.

In the meantime I can try to find at least ONE social group or circle out there that I can participate in (whether it’s a church, book club or whatnot) but ironically, I find that an even more daunting prospect than meeting a sweet girl by chance while squeezing my melons at the local supermarket.

There are several answers to this question that we will explore in this chapter.

In this particular lesson, we will focus on the concept of the mere exposure effect and its impact on our liking of other people through the propinquity effect.

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