Randy jackson dating rihanna

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She thought the best way to address the issue would be to sing about it.Her mentor and executive producer, former judge Randy Jackson, dances around in the background, clapping and shaking his backside. ” he shouts after each take, giving her some extra singing pointers in a side huddle.“When I was little, I was terrified to sing in front of people. Her parents and friends convinced her that the best way to get over her fear was to sing in a talent show in grade school. It’s kind of like my happy place, on stage,” she says, smiling.“When I first saw her on stage, I thought she had a cool charisma and charm about her.I fell in love with her voice and thought she could really do it,” recalls Jackson.The Star revealed that she is “infatuated” with the 41-year-old, and she’s decided that rather than picking between Brown or Eminem, she is prepared to sleep with both of them.“Chris wants Rihanna back, now he’s single again, and she’s definitely interested,” a source added.

He went to see Sanchez perform at the Roxy in Los Angeles and thought she would be great to work with.He bobs his head to the rhythm of the drums and leans back on a Stars and Stripes-painted Baldwin grand piano. She sang Demi Levato’s “This Is Me,” and admits she was terrified. Born in San Diego, Sanchez and her family moved around a lot: to Las Vegas, then New York and finally Los Angeles.Although she enjoyed the adventure, it wasn’t easy for her. It was a thing my whole school life until I finally opted for home-schooling,” she says.“There’ll always be unfinished business between the two of them.” It sounds as if the hip-hop icon had some words to say on Rihanna’s decision to try and get back with Brown too, with the insider explaining: “Eminem has advised her to stay away from Chris.” They then added, “Weirdly now Ri Ri’s also started to become infatuated with Em.She’s going to slowly make the moves on him and see if it turns into something, while still keeping her options open with Chris.

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It’s safe to say she’s torn.” Brown was recently spotted at the Los Angeles leg of Rihanna and Eminem’s Monster Tour, which saw the duo perform to over 90,000 people.