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“I had an awful relationship with her then,” she says of her mother, whom she lost to cancer in 2001.

“Even though my parents had supported me in music, they thought of it as just a nice hobby.” Mc Lachlan is sitting in an oversized chocolate couch with a view of a granite pool, a tipi-shaped guest house (her personal assistant’s office) and the deck, which has a pair of rattan swings on it, woven with giant daisy motifs.

He’s a judge on Dragon’s Den, he’s a millionaire businessman, he’s a philanthropist, and he’s a sexy beast.

My sources tell they’ve been on romantic holiday together a few times, have been spotted out for low key dinners around town, and the relationship has become so serious they’ll soon be making public appearances.

"Coming to terms with the fact that my marriage was a failure was devastating and very difficult," she says. It took me a very long time to get over it." PHOTOS: Hollywood's most expensive divorces "I have amazing friends, great family and two kids, so I just got out of bed everyday and kept moving forward," she continues.

Still, the idea of meeting a woman whose description looked great on paper appealed to him.

It was the least dramatic part of the Season 2 finale that saw Zilba attacked by her nemesis, Jody Clamen, who called the mother of three, among other things, “a hooker,” “a moron” and “a loser.” To top it all off? (The “real” housewives have been known to have a little work done, plastic surgery-wise.)Things were much more amiable during Wilson’s cameo, though. (Wilson turned her down on two previous occasions.)“It’s tough at the best of times to meet someone.

Their date, arranged by matchmaker Jane Carstens at the request of Real Housewives producers, took place on a patio overlooking Vancouver. She is looking after her own self.”High-profile people such as Wilson and Zilba have a smaller dating pool than one might think, says Carstens, owner of Matchmaker for Hire, who brokered the meeting.

His son changed his tune, however, when he learned exactly which one of the housewives his dad was being set up with.“I said, ‘Jeez, that’s not how they described Mary.’ He said, ‘Mary? It’s more quality than quantity.”Wilson was one of four bachelors Carstens presented to Zilba, although he was only described as a wealthy entrepreneur, no names or pictures involved.

She’s a psycho,’ ” Wilson recalls from his office in Calgary. Wilson’s trademark charm must have won her over, though, as the pair has connected again, albeit away from the cameras.“We’ve certainly stayed in touch. She wants to put her time and energy into the right people.

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“It was just like Lilith Fair,” she says, shaking her head.