Scott and garance dating Video chat sexy locals for free

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Scott and garance dating

I saw them kissing in milan way before the rumor started, and now they are both off to australia, each wrote on their blog.

It's not okay for either of them to make it excessively public.

) handedly disproved that whole “don’t mix business with pleasure” rule.

If their seven-year relationship was lived publicly, though, its end was arguably even more so.

I love both their blogs, and will always appreciate their photography and work.

but this seems kind of indiscreet, and fairly...not-so-nice, especially when we consider the wife and kids. *tries-not-to-think-about-it* ^ it is hard to reconcile the charming posts on garance dore and something as seamy as an affair when kids are involved.

Lui, dfinitivement plus business : Un blog, c’est le moyen le moins cher et le plus rapide de communiquer dans ce monde global.

I was just reading Garance's interview on Refinery and they kept referring to Scott as her boyfriend .

Here is the pertinent quote: Sa rencontre amoureuse, en 2007, avec l’Amricain Scott Schumann, alias The Sartorialist, la crme de la crme des blogs fashion, agit comme une potion magique sur cette grande romantique.

I know that it's unfair to pass judgement (given that I don't know much about the situation) but for them to flaunt their relationship around while he is still married with children is a bit rude.

I'm trying not to judge, but this makes me feel quite disappointed.

As he told Isaac Likes, “It’s not that we wanted to end it on social media, we felt we had to, to make it clear that there was no scandal or anything.” It also had something to do with Fashion Week.

As he put it, “We’d broken up a little bit before the statement, but it was the summer and Fashion Week was coming up so to make things easier with show invitations and where people were seating us we felt we had to.

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