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Silverlight out of browser updating

Once done, do the following: Check out this page for additional details and information about Registry keys.

Please note that both methods cannot be used after September 2015 when NPAPI plugins are disabled permanently in Chrome.

Disabled plugins are shown with a grey background while enabled ones with a white background.

A click on the enable or disable link underneath a plugin listing changes its state in the browser.

Even if Oracle wanted to create a Java plug-in for Microsoft Edge, they couldn’t.

You need to install Chrome Policy Templates first to enable that functionality.Adobe Flash uses the new API in Chrome for example.Google in the first phase blocked plugins from running in Chrome but allowed users to re-enable them directly in the browser. Chrome users can still override the blocking of plugins in Chrome: All NPAPI plugins installed in Chrome become available again.Most web users can get away without these plug-ins.But some sites may still require the Java web plug-in, Silverlight, Unity, or something similar — especially old business applications.

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What you need to do is load chrome://plugins/ directly in the browser.