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In 1921 they claimed the largest factory of its kind in the country.

The instruments were marketed under the Sammo and the Sammos trade marks, the latter being made entirely from koa wood.

For the most part these were a Fender design and produced in Japan and imported to the states which were sold both in CA & NY.

My grandfather Tony George and Uncle Herb who was also included in the business and kept the ones in NY running through the mid 70's.

Both were trained by Sadao's father Giichi Yairi who was apprenticed at the Suzuki Violin Company.

The guitar pictured for this entry is from e Bay and apparently was owned by the son of the Los Angeles importer per:"St. In business from 1963 to 1967 my dad had these guitars made in Japan and imported to the states" The guitar was photographed with original packing indicating made by Pleasant, Shiro Musical Inst Mfg Co Ltd A little history on St.

2 years later Samo Sali finished his Doctor thesis where he presented algorithm for guitar sound optimization.

Between 19 he was a head assistant at the Department of Technology Management.

Dating Saigon guitars The date of manufacture is written on the soundhole label." [Source and images: Matt, Saigon guitars email 8/9/2013] The St.

George brand name is associated with 2 Japanese import companies, Buegeleisen & Jacobson of New York and WMI of Los Angeles. George label was used on Japanese import guitars from the mid to late 1960's.

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My father is now gone who was an avid sax player and had a love music and all instruments. This trademark has been identified by researcher Willie G. However, each instrument is made with craftsmanship and custom." [Source and images: Maximiliano Salcedo, email 17/5/2011]Samo Sali was born in Kranj, Slovenia in 1965.

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