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Or is there more to it, something that defies logic at a glance, yet works so well for the couple?

Fortunately, the very question of what is considered too young-or old-has been pondered by the French, who developed a useful formula called "Half Your Age Plus Seven?

Until recently, I disagreed with those whgo thought a huge age difference should not matter. However, I will state that every circumstance is different and should be considered as such, keeping in mind that the odds seems to be stack against such a relationship.

The reason for my change in attitude is due to a couple I was fortunate enough to know as individuals... Even though there is a 20 year difference, I know them both well enough to know that theyn would not "settle". First of all, Socially acceptable dating age ratio formula???

Strong communication will help you to avoid many of the challenges that other younger older relationships face.Who cares what other people think about age ratio... Love doesn't know age, race, religon or have boundries....just happens.I just turned 17 and I really like this 30 year old guy..he looks really young for his age though- if i didn't know any better I would say he was 20, also I look very old for my age people often assume that im over 20.We only got together because at first we didn't realize how large of an age difference...

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