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Greyhounds are sighthounds, with keen vision for moving objects, so advocates say they shouldn't be unleashed. Then he called Greyhound Angels Adoption in Millville, N.J., the rescue group that had paired the family with Nessie the year before.Scherrer's house in Cinnaminson turned into headquarters for volunteers.People delivered heavy-duty tape, staple guns, and plastic sleeves (in case of rain) for the 500 printed fliers that were hung on telephone poles.Through the thicket, Scherrer screamed for the dog, but she was gone."I took my eyes off her for less than a minute," she said. ' " And just like that, a lost greyhound became the focus of a recovery mission that mobilized neighbors, business owners, and volunteers in the South Jersey community, as well as greyhound lovers as far away as Staten Island and Delaware. Every day, desperate pet owners post pleas on Facebook and telephone poles looking for lost animals, but greyhound experts say the slender breed is hard to track because of its racing ability.

The event will take place in Ann Arbor and specific details on location and time will be given at the time of registration. Following each date, participants mark on a card whether they would have an interest in meeting their date again.Scherrer posted a picture of Nessie on her Facebook page.By 4 p.m., a woman phoned Munion to say she'd seen Nessie running behind a nursing home a few blocks from where she'd disappeared.If you prefer dating services that require membership fees, always think of the expenses you may incur.Typing "Christian" when you set up a profile on a non-Christian dating service will tell you how many matches or possibilities there are for you in case you decide to register at the end of a free trial.

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If you are considering joining an online or offline Christian dating service, there are a number of things to think about.