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Following each "date" (which lasted four minutes), the participants reported their romantic desire for the partner and how self-confident they themselves felt.

Following the event, the students indicated on a website whether they would or would not be interested in seeing each partner again.

Finkel says, "The results suggest a fascinating alternative explanation for the sex difference in romantic selectivity.

a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, reports evidence to the contrary. Finkel and Eastwick put a simple twist on a common speed-dating experiment and discovered that simply approaching a potential romantic partner (versus being approached) changes the way those potential dates are viewed.

Eastwick from Northwestern University, suggest that when it comes to mate selection men and women might not be as different as we think.

Indeed, when researchers adopt a procedure without controlling for it, they risk missing a component of what they study.

In this case, researchers just assumed that since men rotate in real-life, they should do so in speed-dating experiments.

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The researchers noted, "Although Western civilization has become increasingly egalitarian over the past century, certain social institutions remain gendered, some in subtle, almost invisible, ways.

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