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This is the first step to improving your skills with women.In the safety of a private setting, your coach will take you through a series of drills and exercises.Two weeks later he came home for the summer and we went on our first date and we've been together ever since.Alex proposed to me in Chicago, which is where we took our first vacation together when we first started dating.He will help identify any challenges, obstacles or sticking points you have.He will point out things about yourself that you may not have realized.The Day Game Workshop is held in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.However, if you would like us to hold a workshop in your city, we require a minimum of 2 to 3 students.

We will help you create a new belief system, where meeting women anywhere, is not scary or difficult. I can now walk up to pretty much anyone and strike up a conversation.

This is to ensure you remember our day game system before you start approaching women.

These exercises are designed to help you remember our day game system.

Your coach will be close by watching your every move. Things such as bad body language, communication errors, and voice tonality, which may have taken you YEARS to notice, will be pointed out by your coach right away. They lack the confidence to walk up and strike up a conversation with an attractive woman in the day time. And our experienced coach will be there to make sure you do it.

You cannot get this kind of personalized coaching anywhere else. You'll leave the workshop feeling confident, powerful and alive! And that's why our Day Game Workshop's are SO valuable. You'll be pushed to talk to more women in two days, than you've talked to in months.

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You'll walk away with TONSexperience, plus the confidence and skills to meet women invirtually any day time situation - FOR LIFE!

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  1. "She is a ball of energy," Womack says of the Seattle-based executive assistant who slapped him across the face during their first meeting on the show's premiere. "It came from a very fun place, not an aggressive place," Womack says.

  2. In fact there are more dating sites just in Thai language than there are in English but that doesn’t mean the range of available Thai-Farang oriented sites isn’t huge for foreigners seeking to arrange dates with Thai girls over the internet.