Three examples emotional dating abuse

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This includes witnessing, hearing or knowing that violence is taking place in the home. Isolating A parent who abuses a child through isolation may not allow the child to engage in appropriate activities with his or her peers; may keep a baby in his or her room, unexposed to stimulation or may prevent teenagers from participating in extracurricular activities.

Requiring a child to stay in his or her room from the time school lets out until the next morning, restricting eating, or forcing a child to isolation or seclusion by keeping her away from family and friends can be destructive and considered emotional abuse depending on the circumstances and severity. Corrupting Parents who corrupt may permit children to use drugs or alcohol, watch cruel behavior toward animals, watch or look at inappropriate sexual content or to witness or participate in criminal activities such as stealing, assault, prostitution, gambling, etc.

Threatening a child with harsh words, physical harm, abandonment or in extreme cases death is unacceptable.

Even in jest, causing a child to be terrified by the use of threats and/or intimidating behavior is some of the worst emotional abuse.

Giving a child responsibilities that are greater than a child of that age can handle or using a child for profit is abusive.

The Effects of Child Abuse and Exposure to Domestic Violence on Adolescent Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior Problems, Carrie A.

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Back to top Emotional and verbal abuse are somewhat more difficult to define.

These types of abuse often involve angry outbursts, withholding of emotional responses, manipulative coercion, or unreasonable demands.

Verbal abuse is often insulting and humiliating, with the abuser making fun of or ridiculing the target. It also involves the abuser taking complete control over the life of the person she or he is abusing, often by making threats or otherwise manipulating that person.

Children hurt other children's feelings because they are immature and most likely are repeating what they hear at home.

Adults who purposely hurt a child's feelings are also immature and should have been taught to be nicer citizens.

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Failing to respond to or consistently interact with your child constitutes emotional and psychological abuse. Terrorizing Parents who use threats, yelling and cursing are doing serious psychological damage to their children.