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Tripoli libya dating

Time running out The economic impact of the violence in a country with a swollen public sector, whose population relies on fuel and wheat subsidies, is catastrophic.Libya's oil revenues have dropped from billion in 2012 to billion, said Mr Zwai.Libya's 'Robin Hood' Sidra is controlled by Ibrahim Jadran, former head of Libya's 22,000-strong oilfield security force, whom Libyan Dawn views as a "thief".Much of eastern Libya regards him as "Robin Hood", however.

"By next year the state will not be able to pay Libyans' salaries." With the government split into two rival authorities, Libya's oil installations are becoming battlefields where affiliated militias vie for power.His men were stationed behind sandbanks along a desert front line, with the oil terminal just visible on the horizon.Behind them, cavernous impacts in the sand showed where the site had been bombed from the air by forces loyal to the House of Representatives, commanded by its military strongman, General Khalifa Hiftar.Some of the most serious fighting has engulfed two of the three largest oil terminals, at Sidra and Ras Lanuf, which has come under attack from a brigade of the Libyan Dawn, the Third Force."Our aim is to free the oil ports and not let them be controlled by any one group," said Awad Darwish, its field commander.

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Mr Jadran gained popular support by demanding that, rather than importing skilled labour from Tripoli or Misrata, locals from this poorer region should be employed in the oil terminals.

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