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In one example, there is a grid display a list of vehicles, on the right side of the grid, we want to display the details of the vehicle when a person clicks an item in the grid, but we want to do this so the page does not refresh.

The grid it self is placed in one update panel, on every row in the grid, a ids to the details update panel as triggers, and it would be too inefficient.

Other than the basic button in the panel, I’ve just recently found a few other ways of triggering an refresh in the panel,which wasn’t obvious to me before.

“Conditional” means that this update panel is not updated by updates done to other update panels.

Hope this gives you a good idea that what needs to do to update controls which is outside of updatepanel during partial page rendering.

Update panel is probably one of the first thing that you will use once you get your Ajax toolkit with the Framework.

In general, you should only have Update Panels areound areas where you wish to do partial updates.

Don't wrap your entire page within an Update Panel, and don't be afraid to use several panels, since this will give you more control of which areas update and when they do it.

We replicated the problem within the Corporate Site.

The Update Panel control is probably the most important control in the ASP. It will AJAX'ify controls contained within it, allowing partial rendering of the area.

We already used it in the Hello world example, and in this chapter, we will go in depth with more aspects of the control.

So this is the perfect example to execute the update in the code behind.

So in the row command function of the grid, when ever the command is executed, the fields in the details panel are set with the vehicles values, and the details update panels update function is called.

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below is the code block for above scenarios methods we can register any control with the Particular Page Script Manager Instance. The page Loaded event is raised after all content on the page is refreshed, either because of a full-page postback or an partial postback. We need to write below code in client side which will update the content values. This args conatins the data items for the registred controls.

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