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Updating achtung

Currently, there is a build-in prevention to avoid the worst but this option is not yet configurable and kicks only in as a last resort and cancels the job. Workaround: if you want the soft solution just schedule stuff and hope for the best ;-) The new "Auto Combat" system is not optimized and will eat your CPU for breakfast. " and used in the military as a command to line up soldiers. Isn't this just the auto response thing already in the game? For example: Once you get a raid or siege you cannot auto respond to it. Please send see the Feedback section or send me email to [email protected] License Free. Like when a mod adds their own resource, the option to turn that off.

Scenarios can be replayed using different tactics, as though playing against a human opponent.

Choosing "Sow Zone/Room" will make sure that the zone selected or all growing inside a room will be sowed completely. has its own build in artificial intelligence that controls your colonists for you.

Time consuming tasks like removing other large plants like trees or hauling away objects are not performed to avoid exhaustion. All you have to do is to order a few colonists to their targets and they will get there on their own, keep a safe distance and shoot/position themselves intelligently until the job is done.

Workaround: open the saved game with Achtung, cancel all Achtung jobs and save it again.

This will "clean" the save and remove the dependency.

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