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Updating catalogs backup exec 2016

The program is fully patched as is the Windows 2003 Ent R2 x64 installation.Hi, We have file server writting in to Tapes and backup operation gets completed, but updating catalogs taking time. This happens only for one server, But other servers it completes.

After adding your selections click the Advanced Settings button. If you do not make this change the backup will not truncate the transaction logs for the databases.

The server hosts a single mailbox database, with the database file on D:\ drive and the transaction logs on E:\ drive.

An additional volume has been created for the server to host the backup files.

Current versions of the software support Microsoft, VMware, Linux and Macintosh amongst a longer list of supported software.

was originally Maynard's (Backup Exec's first authors) proprietary backup Tape Format (MTF) and was later licensed by Microsoft as Windows standard tape format.

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Backup Exec 15 FP5 is the latest version of Veritas’s backup and recovery software.

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