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And this is where it gets personal, because for a lot of us lightskinned black people, there is no conflict.

While many have asked which one of my parents is white or what I’m “mixed with,” I’m not mixed at all.

In fact, Bow’s father is the first and last white man Dre has ever hugged. Charlie represents Bow’s fears—when Wanda Sykes demands they start working, he deems black women too aggressive and unattractive and explains that’s the reason why he “keeps some snow.”I was thrilled when Sykes returned and she’s excellent in the episode.

Dre grew up around black women and is entirely uncomfortable even speaking to white women. Pimpson” and walks around with two John Mayer tickets in his pocket at all times so he can hit on white women.

It’s incredibly late because this was a complex episode to approach.

As soon as the cold open ended with Bow’s disdainful expression as she saw Junior’s white girlfriend, my phone started going off. ” From a distance, “Being Bow-racial” may seem like a problematic, racist, weird episode of Black-ish.

Like Bow, my light skin felt like a barrier that kept me from fully being embraced by the black community.

Like Bow, I tried to overcompensate and go “hella hard” to prove I was a ”real” black woman.

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Yet, If you’re not familiar with colorism in the black community or tropes like the tragic mulatto, you might not understand how deeply these factors actually affect black women.

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