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Aldis: I mean, if that means you wanted Chaos back…you gotta drop a couple lines at TNT. Ok…so if you could switch characters Aldis: We did that. Aldis: Okay, it’s a um, a group of thieves come together, to help the little man. I don’t know cause I like something about everybody. Was on the top of the FBI’s most wanted list, it was crazy. You know, its voluntary, and um, that’s a time I don’t really want to talk about, but, yeah, let’s just say I take my job very seriously and you know, I’m dedicated to the craft. But you know, it’s been a great process, we’ve all prepped and got to meet Apollo Robbins who’s the show tech consultant when it comes to the world of con men…. He’s been really helpful in the writer’s room and he’s spent a lot of time with us individually so we’ve done our research. Beth: Yeah Aldis: I actually spoke to Mr Mitnik, one of the top- actually THE top- hacker in the world of this time. Beth: We’d like to say thank you for everybody tuning in and joining the web chat.

Kids love saying like “you’re Parker” and I’m like yeah. Aldis: You realize your name in my phone is Parker. ” (normal voice) I just heard her randomly in the background, and I said, “Well, get on stage! Aldis: She said “marry me.” That, to me, is a proposal. used to get teased a lot as a kid for not being always the cutest girl on the block with my facial expressions Aldis: Me too. Glitz and glamour aside, what’s the toughest part of your job? I mean, we film the equivalent of a feature film every 2 weeks which is kind of insane so yeah I would say that would be my answer. Aldis: haha ha well uh…huh…its kind of a mix you know. There’s not a lot of predict to what we do so I would say the constant change and the long, long weeks. Beth: No…quiet Aldis: No go on…speak your mind Beth: Talk about how hard it is to work with me. The hardest part is being away from my family and all my good friends and my dog. So it’s a little rough, you know, having to travel but gotta bring home that bacon. Beth: I’m going to have to go ahead and take a break for a second and give a shout out to Loco32 Aldis: woo woo Beth: woo woo Aldis: We’re getting more questions. Beth: How often do you get called by your character name instead of your real name?

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Beth: It’s a departure for Leverage (Aldis busts out laughing) um, that we flash back to the 1940s. Beth: He’s just laughing because I was cheating with my answer.

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