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She joked later, “As we all know, there is no underwear in space.” She disliked the “bagel bun” hairstyle she wore in the original , but she didn’t say anything about it because she was afraid that director George Lucas would get angry and fire her.Due to the limited budget the American cast members and crew flew economy class to England, rather than first class. Now we know what the third star of the film trilogy thought of the whole thing.Although, apparently, at the time he thought absolutely nothing of it, because he had no clue it was going on.

Her breasts were taped down with gaffer tape, as her costume did not permit any lingerie to be worn underneath.She once sarcastically claimed to have got the role of Princess Leia Organa by sleeping “with some nerd.” After one especially difficult scene, she said to Lucas “You can type this stuff, but you can’t say it”.Lucas toyed with the idea of changing Luke Skywalker into a woman and cutting Princess Leia from the script.What Fisher has penned is a bold and deeply personal story from the lens of one of the few women on the set. "I suppose I'm writing this because it's 40 years later, and whoever we were then - superficially, at least - we no longer are now." Fisher will always be Leia.That's her "very, very light cross to bear." But her personal stories are entirely her own, and they are much more raw and real than anything Lucas could have dreamed up.

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This review originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

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