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In this same year Erica landed the much-coveted role of Lois Lane in the WB’s hit show “Smallville“.“I remember being at LAX later that day, leaving for a flight back to Vancouver, and while I was browsing for a new book, my manager called to say I’d gotten the part.“My Dad and Mom always said that whatever you are given to do, invest one hundred percent of yourself and treat those around you with respect, so I guess that must be rubbing off on me!For that I am very glad.” Forget about all the hype commonly attributed to the celebrity actors’ lives, this doesn’t suit Erica’s personality.Her parents, Joel and Gail taught her the importance of strong family bonds, “They have a very strong work ethic.

It’s been like that since she was little.” Music has always been part of Erica’s life.

“It’s an experience I will cherish always and never forget. I took that seriously and put my heart and soul into her for seven years.

I enjoyed every minute and am forever changed by it.” Lois Lane has increased her notoriety significantly, long overdue for someone who has dedicated herself and worked hard to pursue her dreams and career.

Subsequently she landed roles in “Devil Winds” (2003) and the unsold pilot “111 Gramercy Park” (2003).

Still in 2003 acclaimed television director David Nutter (“X-Files”, “Smallville”, “Supernatural”, “Chase”) met her in an audition and immediately signed her with Warner Bros.

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There were times where she had to conquer her fear of water to shoot her scenes, all in the name of art.

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