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He’s got a lot going for him.”And Petersen is nothing if not loyal.When Victory Gardens acquired the Biograph Theater for its new home, a decision had to be made as to whether money would be spent on digging out space under the stage for “traps,” or openings in the stage floor that can be used for various theatrical effects.“CSI” finally snagged him, he says, thanks to the complexity of the role of Grissom, a shy, slyly funny entomologist turned dogged crime-scene investigator.“This was somebody that I was not like, and I was going to be able to learn something,” Petersen says. Everybody thinks it’ll go seven days, but what if it goes seven years?You better have something that keeps you interested.”Still, despite six years leading the ensemble on television’s top-rated scripted show - plus a substantial career in films before “CSI” - Petersen says he still considers himself a theater guy first and foremost.“If you learned to play baseball first, that’s your sport,” said Petersen, a die-hard Cubs fan.

At the end of the season of "CSI" that kicks off at 8 p.m. 2), Petersen will still have time left on his contract with CBS, which runs out in 2008.And Petersen adapted to make himself look older: “He had to shave the side of his head to give himself a receding hairline,” the director recalls.Petersen went on to co-found Chicago’s Remains Theatre and become a mainstay of what was emerging as the world-famous off-Loop theater scene.“Because at some point, that’s what I am,” he says.“This is not what I am.”“This” has been six years of long days as a very famous television actor, in a show that became more successful than anyone involved in it ever dreamed.

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God gives the talent,” says Zacek, who first met Petersen three decades ago at an Evanston Burger King, where the director was nursing a coffee.

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