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If they are on a site something must be wrong with them.” “It seems desperate.” “It’s not generic, it’s not real.” “It’s not feelings, it’s the high of talking to a stranger online.” “It’s a trick to make you pay them.” It’s only not safe if you make it not safe.

Never reveal too much contact information or address’s before meeting online. Spend plenty of time talking online before meeting in person, get to really know the person before you base every thing on chemistry.

I think this really needs to be diminished if not completely destroyed for today’s generation. I met my current boyfriend (who also happened to be attending my college) through an online website.

I’ve also met some close friends through the site, male and female. Many people refuse to admit that they are on a dating site except for the person they have met that way, they normally come up with a fake vague story about how they met.

I ended up enjoying it, but I did go through a long period of miserable Saturday nights in; sitting on the single table at weddings next to a gay guy and the bride’s 15 year old cousin and getting far too drunk to cover the fact that I was gutted that my friend was getting married and I was so far behind; and getting irritated by and envious of my smug married friends. But ladies, I’d spend your cash in the pub instead.

So I have been thinking a lot recently about my single friends who I adore, and I had some thoughts which I wanted to share. It is also, in my humble opinion, utter bullshit that you will meet a man through starting a class or a course – I’ve done a few in London and they are pretty much all filled with women.

A big part of that had to do with how much we cared about each other early on, for some reason meeting online makes people shrug off the feelings you have for each other matter less.

You’re probably guilty of these thoughts, and that’s okay.

If there’s a way to meet more people and make a connection, go for it.This comment on my post on the Free Decade summed up the panic you can feel when you’re single and it makes me really sad to see people I love feeling like that. I’m being glib but life isn’t a 100 metre sprint, its about longevity, finding the right person for you. Men, your ideal woman will not appear on your sofa while you’re watching Top Gear. I’m also cynical about singles nights as I hear again and again that there is a distinct lack of men (Ms Marmite Lover’s single Valentine’s night was a classic example and it was no surprise that Time Out advertised for more men on twitter the night before their recent singles event).It’s not just the fact of not having a partner or not having had a shag for a while, it is the effect it seems to have on self-esteem and confidence. I’m not single right now, but I was for a long time when I first moved to London. The man for you is at this very moment in shiny armour astride a white horse, scratching his head and saying “so where the fuck she then?! So if I was a single bloke it would be a pretty good bet. On the next season of Love & Hip Hop Hollwood” fans will see a shocking new relationship between (apparently) bi bangers Miss Nikki Baby and Rosa Acosta.The Jasmine Brand reports: has added Rosa Acosta to its cast.

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I had these thoughts before I started online dating.

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